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Search Engine Watch
AOL Search

Bing Deep Web Search 


Northern Light

Starting Point


Privacy and Security
Kansas signup for No Telemarketers, also 1-866-362-4160

Home Security Guide: Assessing Risk Level and Financing

Home Security Systems


Systran - Internet Translation Technology
Strathmore Who's WhoBubble Wrap Page

Test Your Internet Speed

Learn a Foreign Language
Links to Live Cameras

Missing Children(A good place to visit - please go there often, thanks)
MapQuest(All kinds of maps)
Alcohol effects on health
Alcohol Detox
Blockhain in Manufacturing
Counting Sheep-Drowsy Driving
Flu season preparation
Mental Health Support for Veterans with Mesothelioma
Mesothelioma Hub
Mesothelioma Lawsuit
Mesothelioma Lawyer Center
Mesothelioma Veteran's Center
Reverse Mortgage Calculator
Quit Smoking
Rehab Centers
The Recovery Village

The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)

Boards: The State Boards of Accountancy of the United States 

State CPA Societies(an index to many State CPA Societies)
State Governments on the Internet(an index of all state quotes, news.
Accountant's Home Page
AuditNet - Internet Resources for Auditors
A Guide to Becoming a CPA
Becker CPA Exam r
CPA Exam Guy
Crush the CPA Exam
Links to Income Tax Web Sites
American Accounting Association 
American Bar Association(Tax forums and discussion groups)
American Institute of CPAs (Conferences, member services)


CCH Tax Research(Fee involved)
Charitable giving maximization
Common Deductible Expenses
Currency Converter
Excel Easy
Excel University
Financial Accounting Standards Board
5 Ways to Delight Your Clients
Foreign Currency Exchange Rates(Obtain up-to-date exchange rates)
GoGrad Tax
HR ROI Calculator
Institute of Management Accountants
Internal Revenue Service(Tax forms, publications, state tax forms, etc)
K2 Enterprises
Legal templates - invoicing templates and non-disclosure agreements
List of Accounting Sites by Myra L. Fitch
OKR Software - help your team track and measure their goals
Rutgers Accounting Web 
Sales Tax SD v. Wayfair - Remote Seller Economic Nexus Matrix
Shareable for hires-background and credit checks (TransUnion)
Tax Analysts Forum and Discussion Groups
(One of many)
The Accounting Research Network
The Better Business Bureau (National)
The CPA Journal
The Electronic Accountant
The Institute of Internal Auditors

Tax Resolution
Can You Get a Tax Refund if You Owe the IRS?
Canopy Tax Resolution
IRS Solutions
PitBull Tax
TaxAct Protection Plus
Emerging Markets Companion
Personal Finance
Yahoo Stock Quotes

TD Ameritrade - trade on-line
eTrade - online trading, real-time  trading of futures and options
MarketWatch - Stock prices, graphs and portfolios
Chicago Board Options
Dreyfus Brokerage Services
Fidelity Investments
Hoovers Online --
Ultimate source for company information
- information on initial public offerings
Avoiding Investment Mistakes
Day Trading
How to Read Stocks
Advisys was Kettley Publishing
Morgan Stanley
NASDAQ (a well done site) - IPO's, private placements, online trading
Schwab - trade stocks over the Internet
Build Bitcoin portfolio
Wall Street Access



DNA Weekly

Know your DNA

NewMouth Dental
Oral Health to know
Harmony Place
Casco Bay Recovery
Coastal Detox
Free by the Sea Recovery WA
Harmony Ridge Recovery WV

Live Free Recovery NH
Miracles FL
Montare CA

New Directions for Women

Riverside Recovery Mental Health & substance abuse resources

NJ Recovery for addiction
No. Illinois Recovery
Owls Nest Recovery
Alzheimer's - Can the effects be reversed with the right diet?

Alzheimer's - Living with the Disease
Androgenix Wellness
Benefits Of Exercise While Working from Home
Calibrate Metabolic Reset
Scar Therapy from Embrace
The Ultimate Guide to Preventing, Managing, Treating, and Thriving with the Disease
Diabetic Diseases of the Eye
Eyeglass types
Eyeglasses for round faces
Eye Conditions
Hospital Pandemic Prep
Find a Diabetes Education Program in Your Area
The Best Diabetes Conferences and Events You'll Ever Attend
Testing: How Accurate Are Diabetes Test Strips?
Smartphone Apps for Diabetes Management
10 Tips for Families New to Type 1 Diabetes
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation: Events Near Me
Commit to Health Initiatives through the National Recreation and Park Association
Understanding How Food Affects Your Blood Sugar
The Best 7-Day Diabetes Meal Plan
Feeding Your Family’s Vegetarians and Meat Eaters: Ideas to Keep Everyone in Your Home Happy, Healthy, and Well-Fed
The Essential Diabetes Shopping List
All About Diabetes Medical Alert ID and Why You Should Wear One
Tru Niagen supplement


State Governments on the Internet

U.S. Politics

The United States Constitution

The Bill of Rights
Declaration of Independence
Democratic Party
Libertarian Party
Republican Party
Congressional e-mail addresses
Whistleblower Info

US Federal
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Labor and Statistics
Center for Disease Control
Edgar - SEC Filings
Edgar searchInternal Revenue Service

FBI- including the "Most Wanted List"
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Trade Commission 

Full US Code (Gopher server)

Library of Congress(Various Archives)
Occupational Safety & Health Administration(OSHA)

SIC(Standard Industrial Classification Codes)
Small Business Administration
The Whitehouse
US Congress on the Internet
US Postal Service
Master Clock Time
United States Congress
U.S. Department of the Treasury
U.S. Tax Code On-Line
USDA - Economic Research Service
United States Census
United States Department of Education - student financial assistance
United States Department of Energy
United States Post Office
US Patent & Trademark Office
Voice of America



U. S. Air Force
U. S. Army 
U. S. Navy - Blue Angels Schedule


UK Treasury World Wide Web Service


Employment Opportunities Radio Stations & Audio Sites Sports Internet Sites

Ask the Headhunter
America's Job Bank
Career Guide
Career Mosaic

Career Web
Computer Jobs
High Tech-Jobs Online
Online Accounting Degree Info
Online Finance Degree Info
Online Master's Degree in Accounting
Online Nursing Program Tips

Remote Jobs
Single Mother Grants
The Career Builder Network>

The Monster Board
Net-Temps "Net-Temps, A world of Jobs neatly Packaged"
8 Signs It Is Time to Change Jobs

How to Tactfully Negotiate Your Salary (Without Leaving Anything on the Table)

How to Write a Job-Winning Resume

10 Ways to Impress a Prospective Employer in Less than 5 Minutes

23 Networking Tips for Building Effective Relationships

Small Business Loan Calculator

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Business?

How to Start an LLC

Radio Stations in the United States
Radio Stations Around the World
MP3 Seekasong Download Links
Radio & Television Broadcasts from Greece
Hear the Music Play

Wadali Brothers
@BAT (The official major league baseball home page)
Beelite Basketball
College Football
ESPN (Great coverage of many sporting events)
iGolf (A very good golfing page)
Major League Soccer
NBA - National Basketball Association
NCAA Web Page 
NFL - National Football League
NHL - National Hockey League
U. S. Gymnastics
U. S. Professional Tennis Association
USTA - United States Tennis Association

The Internet Society

InterNic Home Page (register your domain name)

Profile of an Internet Shopper (Profile Info. of people who shop on the web)

Open Source Education Foundation
Sun StarOffice
Xchange Network